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If you come before the beginning of February you will find the chairs removed from the nave of the cathedral. The open space gives a sense of how the cathedral must have looked in medieval times. During January we host a series of attractive 'Promenade' concerts in which the audience is free to explore the building whilst the music is performed. The feast of Candlemas marks a movement in the Church's year ..

Stained glass window depicting St John the Evangelist

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Sat 28th Feb 2015

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Praying Hands

Wells Cathedral Lent Course 2015 ' Praying Together' begins 25th February

Our Lent Course 2015 provides an opportunity to...


Volunteers Needed!

Do you like helping and meeting new people?...

wells music 2015_1

'Music in Wells 2015' Concerts and Events

'Music in Wells 2015' which has details of...

The Nave and famous ‘Scissor Arches’ at Wells Cathedral

Wells Cathedral Visit Highlights

As well as its iconic and breathtaking West...

Group visiting the Quire

Booking a Group Visit to Wells Cathedral

Wells Cathedral has been welcoming pilgrims and tourists...


Cathedral Archives closed for conservation work

The Cathedral Archives are currently closed for conservation...


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