Welcome Message from the Acting Dean

Andrew Featherstone

Welcome to Wells Cathedral.

During spring and summer visitors start to arrive in larger numbers at the Cathedral. Many will come as a family or by themselves. Others will be part of as an organised group. The cathedral guides and welcomers are ready to meet them and answer their questions. They want to ensure that everyone who comes here is valued, and they want to share their enthusiasm for this place.   Throughout the summer the cathedral hosts a wide range of concerts and events. Each day many visitors come to the cathedral, and explore the building, either by themselves or by joining the regular free guided tours. We work hard to ensure that all who come through the doors are made to feel welcome, and that they come to appreciate the wonder of this place, and all that goes on in it.

Spring is an exciting time as you sense the energy of human encounter and discovery. Do join us, either for worship or just to wander in this beautiful space and reflect for a few minutes on the creativity and skill of those who built it. A visit will help you to reconnect with what is of lasting value in human life.

Canon Andrew Featherstone, Acting Dean and Chancellor