The Cathedral Library was built in the mid-fifteenth century over the East Cloister.

It houses the book collection of the Chapter in two areas: the Chained Library and the Reading Room.

Featured Book of the Month : JUNE

COWLEY, Abraham      Works of Mr Abraham Cowley    1681

June 16

Abraham Cowley (1618-1667) became famous after having several of his long poems published by the time he was 15 and still a pupil at Westminster School.

During the Civil War he sided with the Royalists and was ejected from Cambridge University by the Parliamentarians. He fled to Paris with Queen Henrietta and spent 12 years in exile. He acted as a courier between her and King Charles I and ciphered and deciphered their correspondence.

In spite of the turbulent times, he continued to write odes, ballads, elegies, essays and poems on a range of subjects and achieved considerable popularity in his lifetime. He is regarded as the last of the metaphysical poets.

He did not attain the royal patronage he felt he deserved after the Restoration, and he retired to the countryside and lived in comparative isolation. He was buried in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey after a lavish funeral.


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