The Cathedral Library was built in the mid-fifteenth century over the East Cloister.

It houses the book collection of the Chapter in two areas: the Chained Library and the Reading Room.

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D’EWES, Sir Simonds     Journals of all the Parliaments during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth               (1682)

Chapter and Verse 022 Feb 2016

Sir Simonds D’Ewes (1602-1650) trained to be a barrister. However, he had inherited a small fortune and preferred to spend his time on antiquarian studies. He became friends with Sir Robert Cotton whose library of manuscripts was greatly used by the early antiquarians and he also used records in the Tower of London.

D’Ewes was a moderate Puritan and was elected to the Long Parliament. His interests turned to constitutional history. His Journals are a collection of very detailed accounts of debates in both Houses of Parliament from 1559-1601. These were revised and published after his death by his nephew, Paul Bowes. They are especially valued as many of the originals no longer exist.

D’Ewes also kept a diary which gives valuable insights into the turbulent politics of his day.

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