Community links

Throughout the year many events, concerts and services are the result of collaborations with community groups from the city and region.

The Cathedral is part of the Safe Places Scheme operated by Avon & Somerset Constabulary. Members of the Cathedral’s welcoming team are trained to provide advice concerning local support agencies.

The Cathedral is committed to supporting community groups which serve people facing challenging circumstances. ‘The Week’s Good Cause’ Donation Point provides a dedicated space for Somerset organisations, both to raise awareness of the group’s aims, and to raise funds for that work. Local charities, and regional branches of national agencies, thus have the opportunity to engage with the large numbers of visitors to the Cathedral.

For more information contact our Outreach and Learning Manager Miranda Young on 01749 674483 ext.211 or via email at [email protected]

Forthcoming charities

Spotlight charities for April and May are SWEDA, British Red Cross, Alzheimer’s Society and Christian Aid. To learn more about their work or donate to them online, please visit their website:


Having an eating disorder, or supporting someone who has, can be a distressing and bewildering experience. Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorders Association (SWEDA) offers a range of services throughout Somerset and the surrounding area.

Our services include Counselling Services, a monthly Self-help Support Group, Training and Presentations for Health Professionals and GPs, and an Outreach and Community Support programme, working with young people in Secondary Schools and four of the major Colleges in the county.

We are here to support and listen to you, wherever you are on your journey.

British Red Cross

Emergency Response: We respond to hundreds of disasters in the UK and overseas, and we stay long after the crisis is over.

Protecting People in Armed Conflict: Red Cross organisations have a unique position under the Geneva Conventions. As a completely neutral and independent body the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) can offer to act as an impartial and neutral instrument of humanitarian protection, during armed conflicts. Countries must allow the ICRC to visit prisoners of war. They sometimes exchange family messages and help search for missing persons.

Finding Missing Family: When families are separated by war or disaster, we work through a global network to put them back in touch.

Mobility Aids: We provide short-term loans of mobility aids to people in need, including wheelchairs, commodes, walking sticks and frames.

First Aid: Could you help in a crisis? Get first aid tips online or on your phone – or book on a course.

Alzheimer’s Society

Dementia can happen to anyone and there’s currently no cure. There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK and the number is set to rise to 1 million by 2021.

At Alzheimer’s Society, we believe passionately that life doesn’t end when dementia begins. We are here for anyone affected by dementia, and we do everything we can to keep people with dementia connected to their lives and the people who matter most.

Here for anyone affected by dementia, we provide information and support, fund research and campaign to raise awareness.

Christian Aid

We work globally for profound change that eradicates the causes of poverty, striving to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality. We are part of a wider movement for social justice.

The 21st century has bought new challenges to Christian Aid. The world isn’t getting any fairer. Children in Gaza are going to schools pockmarked with bullet holes. Parents are selling their daughters in marriage to earn the money so the family can survive a drought in Afghanistan. Life expectancy for women in Zimbabwe is now 34 years old – it was 65 just a decade ago. The income of some multinational companies exceeds that of entire countries. We’ll continue to support local organisations to deliver real, practical change. We’ll work so that everyone can fulfil their right to a decent life.

We provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes.