Fixed Date Special Interest Tours

Fixed Date Special Interest Tours

We also provide a number of special interest tours for our individual visitors which run on specific dates during the year and which need to be pre-booked. These include:

Stained Glass

Wells Cathedral has one of the most substantial collections of medieval stained glass in England, the crowning glory being the Jesse window at the eastern end above the altar which narrowly escaped destruction during the English Civil War. It is now one of the best preserved windows of the period in the country.

‘Among stained glass enthusiasts Wells Cathedral is famous for having the greatest collection of 14th century glass in the East End of any major church in the country.’ (The Medieval Stained Glass of Wells Cathedral, Tim Ayers, 2004).

The Cathedral also has important and interesting glass from the 1500s, 1600s and the 1900s designed by some of the leading Glass Manufacturers of their time.

1.  The Work of Angels in Heaven and on Earth

Forthcoming tour dates to be confirmed.

As a special feature of this tour we shall look at examples of the angels depicted through the centuries in the glass and discuss their stories. Suitable for groups and individual bookings.

2.  Marvel at Mediaeval Glass

Forthcoming tour dates to be confirmed.

A closer  study of the celebrated medieval glass of Wells cathedral.  Attention will be given to images that, because of their position, can easily be over looked. Suitable for groups and individual bookings.

3.  A Chronological Tour of the Stained Glass

Forthcoming tour dates to be confirmed.

Please note that for ALL stained glass tours binoculars are highly recommended as this will greatly increase the enjoyment of the experience. many images are high up and quite small!

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Tours of the Remarkable Wells Cathedral Stone Carvings 

Packman for Hugh

“The thirteenth century capitals of Wells are a unique treasure; there is nothing quite like them anywhere else”. Wells Capitals; Arthur Gardner (M.A., F.S.A., Hon. F.R.B.S. Friends of Wells Cathedral 1956 – 79).

Forthcoming tour dates to be confirmed.

Doorway into Gothic Architecture

Wells, England’s first Gothic Cathedral, is the work of an unknown designer who was a master mason of original genius. Our Cathedral offers a ‘textbook’ of English mediaeval architecture – without the dryness often associated with such works.

Doorway into Gothic small

Forthcoming tour dates to be confirmed.

How to Book

For more information or to book a place on a fixed date tour please contact us by emailing  please email [email protected] or telephone 01749 674483.