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Wells Cathedral has been welcoming pilgrims and tourists for over 1100 years and today receives visitors from all over the world. Here is some information you might find helpful when planning your group visit.

Please book your visit in advance as access to the Cathedral or parts of the Cathedral can sometimes be restricted for the primary purpose of worship.  We encourage groups to visit us between 10am and 4pm Monday-Saturday and between 12.30pm and 2pm on Sundays, to avoid our daily services.

Group visiting the Quire

If a Guided Tour is required, please book as far in advance as possible. The minimum notice we need is two weeks; more during the summer months.

We have a couple of Guided Tour packages available which have been especially tailored for Groups:

Pre-bookable Group Tour Packages

We strongly advise that all visiting groups pre-book their time at Wells Cathedral to ensure we can accommodate your visit and provide you with the most suitable tour for your guests. We may also be able to provide you with a Guide who can take your tour in the language of your choice.

We have two main tour packages available but can also tailor packages, to suit our special interest tour themes (see below for details) and can add catering options to meet your needs.

Please book all tours by contacting or telephone 01749 674483.

Option 1: Guided Tour Package

Our guided tour package costs £10 per person (Inc. VAT) and includes the following:

• Entrance into the unique and magnificent Wells Cathedral, its surrounding grounds and Vicars’ Close

• A guided tour hosted by one of our experienced Cathedral Guides (lasts approx. 1 hour)

• Photo permit for every group member (usually a separate charge of £4 per person)

• Fast track entry to the Cathedral (an entrance pack will be ready for you upon arrival to aid speedy entry)

• One free place for your party leader

Option 2: Group Visit Package

Our group visit package costs £8 per person (Inc. VAT). You are welcome to supply your own guide for this package or let your group walk freely around the Cathedral and its grounds.

This package includes:

• Photo permit for every group member (usually a separate charge of £4 per person)

• Fast track entry to the Cathedral (an entrance pack will be ready for you upon arrival to aid speedy entry)

• One free place for your party leader

Special Interest Tours Themes

Our Special Interest Tours are ready-made to provide your group with a themed tour of your choice.  They do need to be pre-booked so that we can accommodate the date and time of your choice and guarantee you a guide.

Click on the themes below for more information on the content of each tour then contact us to make your booking based on the tour of your choice:

Library - Wells Cathedral has one of the few chained libraries in Britain and has many books published in the 1500s and 1600s.

Embroideries – Wells Cathedral Quire contains over a hundred beautiful embroideries from the mid 20th century relating to the Bishops, local history, saints and legends, as well as the magnificent Millennium set of altar frontals and vestments for every season of the church year.

Stained Glass - Wells Cathedral has one of the most substantial collections of medieval stained glass in England. Please note that for ALL tours binoculars are highly recommended as this will greatly increase the enjoyment of the experience (many images are high up and quite small!).

‘A Doorway into Gothic Architecture’. Wells, England’s first Gothic Cathedral, is the work of an unknown designer who was a master mason of original genius. The Cathedral offers a ‘textbook’ of English mediaeval architecture – without the dryness often associated with such works.

How to book

To pre-book a group visit, including adding the tour package of your choice, please email or call us on 01749 674483.


In order to ensure we can supply fast track access for your group, all group visits need to be booked in advance.  Upon booking we will issue your group with an invoice.

Catering packages for groups

If you would like to bring a group for morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea or a pre-concert supper please call us in advance for details of our special pre-booked group catering options.

For more details are also available on our Catering Packages for Groups page by clicking here or please email our catering team at