100 Days of Prayer for Peace

On 4th August 1918 King George V called a national day of prayer: in a time of great national difficulty and pain, it seemed a natural and good response. 100 days later World War One ended.

On Saturday 4th August, at Evensong (5:15pm) we will mark the centenary of that call to prayer. Cathedrals and churches across to country will begin 100 days of prayer for peace, reconciliation and hope.

The anniversary and the days of prayer are commended by the Archbishop of Canterbury. We will be inviting civic guests to Evensong here at Wells Cathedral, but we are also keen to invite the wider public – so all are very welcome.

The Centenary of the end of World War One:

A raft of commemorative events are also being planned for the Cathedral; services, displays, drama, theological exploration, music and youth activities.

Full details are available in this pdf and printed leaflets will be available within the Cathedral shortly. It is a rich programme to reflect such an important cultural landmark.