Climate Change Commitment

On Monday 18 November, Wells Cathedral held a public conference on Climate Change, after which the Dean of Wells, The Very Revd Dr John Davies, gave the following statement:

“The Cathedral, its Chapter and community, are radically committed to making environmental concerns central to all its decisions. At present we work hard to be energy efficient, to limit our use of plastic, to recycle, to make our land attractive, and wherever possible to use sustainable, locally-produced produce in catering. However, we are aware that more can be done.

To assist us we have registered with the A Rocha Eco Church scheme and are determined to reduce our carbon footprint, to use more environmentally friendly products, to make our land welcoming to birds and insects, to engage more with local environmental groups and to encourage worshippers to become aware of how they too can make a difference. When we have reached our preliminary targets we will be able to apply for a Bronze Eco Church Award, but eventually we hope to reach silver standard or, ideally, gold.”


60 Steps Towards Being Green

Click on the picture to download a copy of Wells Cathedral’s ‘60 Steps Towards Being Green‘ and start reducing your carbon footprint today!


To find out more about what you can be doing to help, read One Home‘s top ten tips for tackling climate change here.


Robert A Varley DSc –  Senior Consultant to the Secretary General of the UN World Meteorological Organisation and former Chief Executive of the Met Office.

During the Climate Change Conference on 18th November, Robert provided a global overview of climate science. This slide on his powerpoint illustrates the UK average temperature projections under low and high emissions scenarios to 2100.30