Film Location and Photography Contacts

Wells Cathedral, Somerset, has played host to many film-makers and photographers and is a popular venue for historical and medieval film location requirements.

The Cathedral building and its precincts have appeared as a film location for television dramas and documentaries as well as Hollywood films – click here for a list of recent highlights.


Our unique Chained Library, historic Vicars’ Close, Cathedral Nave and impressive Chapter House prove to be particularly popular film location venues although we have many historical and mediaeval settings around the Cathedral which may be of interest including:

 Cathedral Cloisters courtesy of Gary Ullah Photography

Wells Cathedral Cloisters

The three cloisters, built in the 13th century and remodelled in the 15th join the Cathedral on the south side and surround a rectangular green.



Wells Cathedral Nave

Wells is the first Cathedral in England to be, from its foundation, built in the Gothic style.



Vicars' Close

Wells Cathedral Vicars’ Close

Completed by 1363 and built to house the men of the choir it is the oldest continuously inhabited street in Europe.



Wells Cathedral Chained Library

Built in the mid-fifteenth century over the East Cloister, Wells Cathedral has one of the few chained libraries in Britain and has many books published in the 1500s and 1600s.


Palm Churchyard

View of the Library over the East Cloister.


The Quire

Wells Cathedral Quire

The western end of the Quire forms the oldest part of the present cathedral. Under some stalls are elaborate carved misericords.

The famous Chapter House steps

Wells Cathedral Chapter House steps

The view of the Chapter House steps is among the most photographed area of any Cathedral and the building itself. The Chapter House was finished by 1306 and was the meeting place for Cathedral affairs.



Wells Cathedral Vicars’ Hall

Vicars Hall dates from 1348, the time of the Black Death. The adjoining Treasury Block is a series of rooms with fascinating fittings. Bishop Bekynton commissioned the Chain Bridge with gate beneath, built by 1460.


Wells Cathedral Vicars’ Hall

The 14th-century Jesse Window

Jesse Window

The Cathedral boasts some of the finest medieval stained glass to be found in England which miraculously survived the Reformation and the Civil War. The ‘Jesse’ window dates back to 1340 and, thanks to its height, avoided the stones of the mob.

Cathedral from the south

Wells Cathedral – exterior

View from Lady to Chapel West

Wells Cathedral – interior

For further information and enquiries

Permission is required for all commercial filming and photography within the Cathedral and its precincts including Cathedral Green and Vicars’ Close.

Please also note that the Cathedral diary is booked well in advance for certain dates/events so the more notice you can give us the more likely it is that we can accommodate your requirements. Our quietest, and therefore easiest, days to accommodate filming requests are usually mid-week.

To discuss any commercial filming or photography requirements please contact our marketing office via email or by telephone on 01749 674483. It would be helpful if you could provide an estimation of dates required, crew size and any other information of note.

For any news or media requests please contact our press office.