Alcantara Exhibition in South Cloister

Local artist Peter Lawrence joins us in the South Cloister with an exhibition of his paintings up to Sunday 18 March. Peter will be at the exhibition every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 2pm to answer any questions you may have.

The exhibition of art forms the basis of a book containing the paintings complemented by prose and poetry from writers in Somerset and the Levant region. The book can be enjoyed for its vibrant and thought-provoking art but will also challenge its readers to reflect on the cultural and historic bridges and the western involvement in the Levant and resulting implications and responsibilities. All royalties and proceeds from the book will be donated to three charities working with refugees and displaced people in the UK, Jordan and Palestine: Abide, Souriyat Across Borders and GapArt. The project is supported by Arts Council England.

A programme of Exhibitions for the year can be found in our What’s On section of the website.