The Bible and the Qur’an – A short course for beginners

The Bible and the Qur’an are source works for billions of Christians and Muslims worldwide, though for the followers of these great religious traditions the scripture of the other faith is nearly always literally a closed book.

This short course is intended to introduce some of the history of the Qur’an and its central teachings, and to examine the relationship between the two scriptures that share so many features and contents. The course stretches over a few weeks through January and February and the speaker will be Professor David Thomas, Canon Theologian:

•    The Bible in the Qur’an: Education Room, 2-4pm 8th Jan. Cost £5 (includes tea)
•    Can Christians and Muslims pray together? Education Room, 6:15pm 22nd Jan.
•    How can Christians understand Muhammad? Education Room, 6:15pm 5th Feb.
•    God and Jesus in the Qur’an and Bible: Glastonbury Retreat House, 10.30am-4pm, 19th Feb. Cost £18.50 to include a sandwich lunch.

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To sign up, send your name and email address to Professor David Thomas (