Cathedral prayer for the Royal Wedding

A Prayer on the occasion of the marriage of  Prince William and Catherine Middleton will be on display in the south transept, together with a photograph of the couple and some flowers.

This is the focus of our celebrations for the Royal Wedding taking place in Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011.

God of wonder and beauty,

God of self-giving and love,

God of colour, vitality and hope;

We bless you for the marriage of

William and Catherine

celebrated in Westminster Abbey

and rejoiced in throughout the world.

As we hear the voice of bridegroom and bride,

and see this young man and young woman

give themselves to each other in love,


we pray,

our hard, sometimes cynical hearts,

and remind us again of the power and meaning of love;

that in giving ourselves, we receive,

in letting go of ourselves, we belong,

and in belonging to another in the intimate mystery of love

we come home to who we truly are,

people created in your image

and born for love.

We ask it in the name of him who gave himself for us all

Jesus Christ our Lord,