FREE Weekly Walks in October (Wed and Sat mornings)

Our popular and FREE Weekly Walks take place on most Wednesdays and Saturdays from April through to October. This year we are delighted to announce the addition of ‘Carvings’ at 10.40am to the regular offerings of ‘Embroideries’ and ‘Stained Glass’.

The ‘Stained Glass’ walk takes place at 11.10am followed by ‘Stone Carvings’ and ‘Embroideries’ at 11.40am. Lasting approximately 20 minutes a different theme is offered each month and no booking is required. Binoculars are useful and recommended for Stained Glass tours and essential for some of the carvings walks.


Carvings Walk

“Green Men”
Green Men stare down at us from all parts of the Cathedral. They sometimes seem benevolent, and sometimes malevolent. Come and be introduced to them. (Binoculars needed)

Stained Glass Window Walks

“Turning Silver into Gold”
A comparison of the delicacy of silver stain in the 14th century depicting the Coronation of the Virgin and its exuberant development in the St John window of the 1900s.

Explore the Embroideries Walks

“A Medieval Feast

Culinary references in the embroideries.


Please note that on occasion Free Weekly Walks are cancelled due to other events taking place. Please check the website for details and themes throughout the year. For details on more in-depth tours please visit the Tours section on the website.