The Christmas Jethro Tull Concert at Wells Cathedral

We are delighted to be hosting the Christmas Jethro Tull Concert at Wells Cathedral!

Friday 13th December, 7.30pm

Over the last twelve years, Ian Anderson has performed in many of the great Cathedrals and churches in the UK helping to raise much-needed funds for their preservation.

Based on a Christmas-themed concert, he features prominently the work of Jethro Tull as written and recorded by Ian since 1968. Added to this are several pieces of re-worked Classical repertoire and traditional pieces from the musical liturgy of the Church of England. Wells Cathedral’s very own choristers will also be performing at the concert.

Ian says of the show, “Whether your Christmas is a secular affair of gift-giving and family gatherings or a more worshipful recognition of one of the two biggest days in the Christian calendar, join us for some uplifting Christmas spirit, music, readings and maybe even a prayer or two.”


Rear Side Aisle no views (screens available) £15 + 1.32 Fee*

Premier Front nave seat £50 + 3.24 fee  SOLD OUT

Front /Nave seat £40.00 + 2.69 fee  SOLD OUT

Rear Nave seat £30.00 + 2.14 fee SOLD OUT

Wheel chair tickets £30.00 + 2.14 fee  SOLD OUT

Front Side Aisles restricted views £20 + £1.59 Fee* SOLD OUT

*note that screens positioned at points in the nave will broadcast the concert


Book tickets here.

Maximum of 7 tickets per booking. No ticket returns.

No filming will be allowed during the performance.