Schools Feedback and Comments

We always welcome feedback from our school visitors. Recent comments include:

“The day really did make a huge impact on the children: that is what it has to be about, so thank you again to all of you.”

” I am so happy we went to Wells Cathedral yesterday. It was the most amazing experience ever and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the sculptures were.”

“Yesterday we were lucky enough to go to Wells Cathedral. I said, “Wow!

This is phenomenal!”

“When I got off the coach, the sight of the cathedral was unbelievable!”

” I was so excited to see the beautiful statues and delicate stained glass windows: they were amazing!”

“I learned that the Cathedral is for anyone to come to, not just important people.”

“Our guide sang for us the Chapter House and it was brilliant.”

“I really want to go again because everyone is so kind and I learned that the Cathedral is special to Christians because they feel safe there”

“I had a brilliant day and want to go back again.”

“Wells Cathedral is brilliant! I have learned a lot of new things: I know that a cathedral is a special place for Christians because it is where they can talk to God. I’d recommend this place for all ages because it is beautiful”

” Being in the Cathedral made me feel really special.”

“I had a brilliant time with a relaxing end. I am so glad I went.”

“I really enjoyed the relaxation task…eventually we had to stop and go home, but I didn’t want to.”