6th Form Conferences

Sixth Form Conferences offer 17 year olds an opportunity to debate current issues in a unique setting.

Ethical and moral dilemmas concerning Relationships, War, Fair Trade, Interfaith, Cloning, and other ‘Matters of Life and Death’ have been frequent items on the agenda.

The themes often cross curricular boundaries, not limited to Philosophy and Belief or Citizenship. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development forms the background. Presentation and debating skills are refined, both in the small group discussions, and during the final plenary with ‘Any Questions?’

Climate Change 6th Form Conference

Our annual 6th Form Conference is held in November. The event offers students an opportunity to debate current issues in a unique setting. The most recent themes have included Migration and Refugees, Modern Slavery, Conflict and Resolution and Climate Change.

The event attracts approximately 180 pupils from different 6th forms and colleges studying subjects such as Religious Studies, Geography, History, Health and Social Care, Sciences, Philosophy, Government and Politics, Art and Textiles to name a few. We provide an excellent selection of speakers that are experts in the field followed by interactive workshops and Q&A.

The focus of the 2019 conference was Climate Change. Bishop Ruth Worsley chaired the event with a diverse range of speakers and workshop leaders:

• Robert A Varley DSc – Senior Consultant to the Secretary General of the UN World Meteorological Organisation and former Chief Executive of the Met Office. Robert provided a global overview of climate science and illustrated how understanding weather and climate risks can help us plan for the future

• Dr Andy Parsons – has researched the effects of climate change on polar ecosystems, working in both the Arctic and Antarctic to see first-hand some of the effects human activities are having. He is a volunteer for Greenpeace in Bath.

• Caroline Pomeroy- Director of Climate Stewards, a Christian NGO which helps people understand their carbon footprint, reduce it where they can, and offset the rest by supporting community forestry, water filter and cookstove projects in Uganda, Nepal, Kenya, Mexico and Ghana.

• Médéric Engel – President of UNICEF on Campus Exeter. Working with students on an Air Pollution campaign and advocacy work on climate change and the rights of the child.

• Nikki Jones – Chair Avon Needs Trees and Clifton Climate Action. Nikki focused on Solutions – how do we move from a global economy reliant on fossil fuels to a sustainable green one?

• Joe Brindle –17 year old campaigner at the UK Student Climate Network, created the Teach the Future campaign and has represented the UK at the climate strike conference in Lausanne where he worked with Greta Thunberg and youth activists from across Europe.

• Fr Jeremy Hellier – Diocesan Secondary RE Advisor ran a workshop on Faith and Nature – religious, ethical and philosophical perspectives.