Fosse Way School Visit

Rebecca Tranter, teacher at Fosse Way school said;

‘We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and this was one of the most successful visits we have been on. All of the children were interested and engaged throughout and were excited to look at their photos and share these with their families when the day had finished. The Education Room was a lovely base and gave us plenty of room to learn in groups. Jess and the tour guides all helped us to have a brilliant day, thank you!’

More comments from Fosse Way staff include:

We are a special school and our visit links to social and emotional development, communication and access to the community. Our pupils are working towards a range of different, personalised objectives to reflect varying levels of need.

Jess took into consideration our sensory needs and agreed a flexible programmed day for us that provided a range of learning opportunities.

We created a visual timetable to prepare our children for the day and read a social story so that they knew what to expect. All children had a visual schedule for the day.

Our tour guides were lovely. Daphne had a lovely manner and was very patient and attentive with our children. She explained things well and allowed them to take their time exploring the different areas of the cathedral. Thoughtful that she had brought in incense for them to smell – This was a lovely touch.

The activities were very suitable, particularly the flower arranging activity where we spent some time in the cathedral garden.

Jess was fantastic and facilitated our sessions really well. The day flowed really well and expectations were clear at all times. The sessions were informative and Jess took the time to interact with all of our children while they were learning in groups

Super day out. Some children said it was the best trip ever!