Cathedrals were originally places of sacred learning.

Indeed most of them, including Wells, have ancient libraries, where the creative relationship between faith and study was worked out in each generation.

Education is key in our mission and thus the ‘Theology@Wells’ programme employs a wide range of educational methods to attract different people at different levels.

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The Dean’s Contemporary Book of the Month: June

Well, for this month not one book but eleven!

Have you ever wondered what the Resurrection is really about? Or what do we mean by ‘God’? Or why is there suffering in God’s world? Or why read the Bible? And how are we to understand Jesus as both divine and human? These and other really key questions are tackled in a brilliant series of booklets published by SPCK, costing just a few pounds each, and with some expert theologians writing very accessibly – Tom Wright, Rowan Williams, James Dunn, Paula Gooder, Jane Williams, Alister McGrath and others.

The series is called ‘Little books of guidance’. And really they are superb.

The whole series is now available in the Cathedral Shop – a gold mine for regular worshippers and visitors alike; a great addition to our ministry of theological resourcing. Take and read!

John Davies, Dean of Wells