Cathedrals were originally places of sacred learning.

Indeed most of them, including Wells, have ancient libraries, where the creative relationship between faith and study was worked out in each generation.

Education is key in our mission and thus the ‘Theology@Wells’ programme employs a wide range of educational methods to attract different people at different levels. This spectrum now includes:

  • A longstanding and popular series of lectures by outstanding speakers each spring and autumn
  • A regular residential theological conference
  • A short summer series of evening lectures which are aimed at a local audience
  • Occasional after-evensong talks, usually with slides or audio-visuals
  • A regular ‘Study Day’ in conjunction with the nearby Abbey at Downside

Theology in Wells aims:

  • To provide a high quality of theological education
  • To provide stimulating and challenging educational programmes for those who long for the church to grapple with the issues we face in the modern world
  • To provide intellectual and spiritual support for an intelligent and critical faith
  • To provide a forum whereby those who are on the fringes of the faith may engage with us in issues we face


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