General Reflections

General Reflections

At a time when all are locked down the Dean and Chapter hopes you gain some comfort, some inspirations, or some food for thought from these reflections.

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Molly Clark – YCCN Address (July 2021)

Molly Ann Clark’s address on the Young Christian Climate Network,  given at Evensong on Sunday, 11th July 2021.


Current Fabric Projects (March 2021)

A talk given by the Revd Canon Dr Rob James, Chancellor of Wells


Finding meaning in Covid times

#11 – Finding meaning in music


#10 – Learning from the Old Masters


#9 – What we owe each other


#8 – Neighbourliness


#7 – Finding beauty


#6 – Conspiracy theories


#5 – Business in the pandemic


#4 – Education in the pandemic


#3 – Meaning & Sacred Space


#2 – Inspired by Heroism

As part of a series of talks during lockdown, The Very Reverend Dr John Davies, Dean of Wells, talks about the modern day heroes caring for those who are suffering at this time.


#1 – Lamenting Loss

Starting a new series of talks during lockdown, The Reverend Canon Dr Rob James considers the themes of lamentation and loss during the pandemic.



A sermon to Commemorate the End of the Second World War

16th August 2020

A sermon given by the Reverend Canon Dr Rob James, Canon Chancellor of Wells Cathedral, reflecting on the end of the Second World War and how we owe it to ourselves, our children and our forebears to continue to work towards peace.

A reflection during the lockdown

Dr Rob James, the Canon Chancellor of Wells Cathedral, reflects on what the lockdown means for all of us, and how things might change after it ends.


A reflection on a reading for Easter Evening

A reflection on a reading for Easter Evening taken from Luke, Chapter 24, ‘The road to Emmaus’, given by the Chancellor, The Reverend Canon Dr Rob James.


Stations of the Cross

For many centuries the ‘Way of the Cross’ has been a tradition of following every step of Christ’s journey, from his condemnation by Pontius Pilate to the time when his lifeless body is laid in the tomb. In Jerusalem, many pilgrims follow the Via Dolorosa which is associated, by tradition, with Christ’s final journey to Golgotha. At the Cathedral, the Stations of the Cross make a Jerusalem for us where we are, and, in normal circumstances, on Fridays during Lent, we would follow the Way of the Cross, led from station to station by one of the Cathedral clergy, reflecting and meditating upon each station as we go.


A reflection for Mothering Sunday

Given by the Chancellor of Wells Cathedral, the Reverend Canon Dr Rob James. Recorded in the Chapter House of Wells Cathedral.

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