Inside the Gospel: Mark the Evangelist

Inside the Gospel: Mark the Evangelist

As a new lectionary year approaches, Wells Cathedral presents a series of three talks that delve into the Gospel According to Mark; its themes, its author, and how we interpret its message today.

I. Introducing the Evangelist (Available: 12th November)

To begin the series, Professor David Thomas, Canon Theologian at Wells Cathedral, discusses the personage of St Mark the Evangelist and the context of his Gospel.



II. The Messianic Secret (Available: 19th November)

In this second reflection, The Very Reverend Dr John Davies, Dean of Wells, discusses the ‘Messianic Secret’ found throughout Mark’s account, and how this theme can be interpreted today.


III. Reading Mark Today (Available: 26th November)

The Reverend Canon Dr Rob James, Chancellor

In the third and final instalment on Mark’s Gospel, The Chancellor of Wells Cathedral takes a closer look at the style and traits of Mark’s writing, from the original Greek to present-day interpretation.



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