Wells Cathedral Chorister Trust


Since its foundation in 909, Wells Cathedral Choir has filled the Cathedral with glorious music and now has an outstanding reputation. To attract new choristers and to mantain the very high standards required, Wells Cathedral Chorister Trust’s primary objective is to secure a permanent endowment fund to provide bursaries for choristers in support of their education and to ensure that no chorister is barred from this opportunity on financial grounds.

On 1st August 2011 the ‘Wells Cathedral Girl Chorister Trust’ became the ‘Wells Cathedral Chorister Trust’, with the aim of providing financial support to both girl and boy choristers. Over the last year or so the Trustees have been thinking hard about what steps need to be taken next to continue to provide support for choristers, and eventually, after much discussion, the decision was made to widen the girls’ Trust so that it could support boys as well as girls. Permission for the change was sought from the Charity Commission, and on August 1st the Trust in its new form formally came into being.

Within the Trust, the money that has already been given for the girls will be protected and can only be used to support girl choristers, but money given from now on can be used to support both boys and girls. This will give greater flexibility in providing support where it is most needed, and in ensuring that Wells continues to have sufficient numbers of both boy and girl choristers within its Music Foundation.

We are delighted that Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex has agreed to transfer her royal patronage to the new Trust.

As we begin this new phase of work, we are most grateful to all who have supported the Girl Chorister Trust.

For further information please visit the Wells Cathedral Chorister Trust website