Children’s stories

Children’s stories

Here you can watch a host of children’s stories, all based on Biblical passages! These are a fun way to learn stories and parables from the Bible. Get ready to do some actions!

Wondering about the Christmas Story

Wells Cathedral Education Department invites you to ‘Wonder about the Christmas Story’ by joining us on a reflective journey involving watching a story about Advent and a chance to wonder about the Christmas Story further through looking at the glass, carvings and textiles in the cathedral.  Katherine from Time to Wonder Reflective Storytelling is joining us today to lead us on the journey.


Trail Map:

We have designed a trail map that outlines the places and artefacts that we visit in the film. This could be used after the film as a way of recapping the journey around the cathedral (or bring it with you if you plan to visit the cathedral). The map and activity is a PDF that can be downloaded here.

Christmas Story Board Activity:

On the reverse side of the trail map (downloaded in the link above) there is a Christmas storyboard activity. Children can draw and colour in the scenes that were depicted in the Christmas trail around the cathedral, and the sheet can be folded into a concertina story book for them to keep as a souvenir of their experience at Wells Cathedral.

Wondering about Holy Week

Wells Cathedral presents ‘Wondering about Holy Week’ told by Katherine Taylor from Time to Wonder reflective storytelling (suitable for 4-9yr olds). 

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