Sixth Form Conference: Conflict & Resolution, 2018

Sixth Form Conference: Conflict & Resolution, 2018

On Monday 12 November 2018, students explored the issue of Conflict and Resolution from the international to the interpersonal. The morning consisted of the following speeches and interactive workshops from leading organisations:

Solutions Not Sides- This gave students the chance to hear first-hand perspectives from young Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and developed their critical thinking skills in understanding conflict and conflict resolution.

Non Violent Communication- This was about using communication skills in challenging circumstances.

Amnesty International – This talk investigated the human rights of prisoners of conscience and conflict, and engaged students in what we can do about it.

British Red Cross – This explored conflict, international humanitarian law and refugees.

Avon and Somerset Police – This talk tackled Hate Crime.

A closing plenary provided the opportunity for students to share their learning and discover how they could help tackle this important issue.


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