2017 began with a major series of presentations during Lent to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. National and more local speakers talked about Martin Luther, the Reformation and other faiths, the birth of Anglicanism, the Counter Reformation, and the poetry and prose of the period.

Later on in the year there were presentations on FD Maurice and the Callings of Anglicanism, and on themes connected with Islam. There was also a session on the interpretations of the Apostles Creed.

Additionally there were book launches for a new study on the law of English cathedrals by Professor Norman Doe, and on leadership in the Church by Vaughan Roberts.

The autumn saw a presentation on the Reformation by Charles Cornish-Dale of Oxford, ‘Blessings and Deficits of the Reformation’, marking Reformation Day, and the 500th anniversary of Luther’s initial protest.

And in Advent the Dean will offer two Evensong reflections on ‘Heaven and Hell’, and ‘Death and Judgement’, the four last things, often reflected on in Advent.

In 2018 the possibility of a Theology Summer School is being explored, and before that in Lent there will be a major series of presentations on 1918-2018 – how the 1st World War changed both belief and the nature of society.

John Davies, Dean of Wells