Free Weekly Walks (Saturdays and Wednesdays)

Wells Cathedral’s FREE weekly stained glass and embroidery walks take place most Wednesdays and Saturdays from April to October and showcase the Cathedral’s unique stained glass, fascinating carvings and beautiful embroideries.  Please join our Guide by the Donation Desk in our Entry Cloister to begin the tour of your choice.

We offer a different theme each month. No booking is required. All 2018 themes will be available shortly.

Stone Carvings (10.40am):
Wells Cathedral is famous for several reasons, but especially for its remarkable medieval stone carvings. Here we have figures, heads, stories, scenes of medieval life, monuments, many Green Men, and both natural and mythical creatures. Do come and see for yourself some of this fascinating collection. (Binoculars are recommended and on some dates essential for full enjoyment).

April – “Mediaeval Monuments”

See the richly varied memorials carved in stone and marble, which reflect the colourful and eventful lives of the mediaeval bishops.

May – “Stories in Stone”

A thief caught red-handed, a martyred king , and scenes from the Bible; learn about those stories and others amongst the Wells carvings.

June –  “Life in the Country”

From a market scene to problems with toothache, and from lead miners to pedlars, the stones paint a graphic picture of mediaeval rural life. Come and experience it.

July – “The West Front”—“A Sermon in Stone”

When you look up at the West Front of the Cathedral, you are feasting your eyes on one of the greatest collections of mediaeval sculptures in the  western world. It is not only the Bible in stone, but also an attempted history of the world. Let us explain it to you.

August – “All Creatures Great and Small”

Lurking in corners, peering out of the pillar foliage, and even on tombs, there is a veritable menagerie of animals and birds amongst the carvings. Come and see our stone zoo.

Sept – “Mythical Creatures”

Wyverns, griffins, dragons, and grotesques can all be found in our Cathedral, often alongside carvings of natural creatures. Let us find them for you.

Oct – “Green Men”

Green Men stare down at us from all parts of the Cathedral. They sometimes seem benevolent, and sometimes malevolent. Come and be introduced to them. (Binoculars needed)

Stained Glass (11.10am):
Wells Cathedral has an important collection of both medieval and later stained glass, arguably some of the very best in England. It dates from the late 1200s to the 1930s and includes a large Jesse Window in the Quire and several large windows from the 1800s and 1900s.

One of the Cathedral’s specialist Guides will give a Window Walk of about 20 minutes on one or two related windows, pointing out details in the glass and giving a the background story of the figures depicted.


Embroideries (11.40am):
Wells Cathedral Quire contains over a hundred beautiful embroideries from the mid 20th century, which tell stories relating to Bishops, local history, saints and legends. Knowledgeable guides will show you some of the treasures in these twenty minute free taster tours.

April – “From penance to joy”

A close look at the altar frontals for Lent and Easter

May – “King’s Bishop, Soldier, Spy”

A Civil War hero and an undercover agent

June – “An outstanding embroiderer”

Leonora Jenner’s work on the Cathedra and elsewhere

July – “The calm before the storm”

Two Bishops in an unsettled period

August – “Stones and stitches”

Embroideries inspired by carvings

Sept – “Two early Tudor Bishops”

The contrasting lives of Bishops Fox and King

Oct – “A Medieval feast”

Culinary references in the embroideries

For more in depth tours you can book into a group guided tour or one of the special interest tours.