Wells Cathedral awarded Bronze Eco Award

The Cathedral has been examining all its practices – everything from the type of cleaning fluids it uses, the mowing regime, its carbon foot print, its recycling,  to the food it serves in the restaurant. The aim is to be as sustainable as possible. We have just achieved a Bronze Award, which is a huge encouragement. There is far more to be done, but we are now working on achieving Silver and our hope is to reach Gold. So far we have changed our energy supply so that it is green, we have done more to encourage wildlife, we are raising awareness of the issues and we are recycling more. The next challenge is to create a meadow, reduce our paper usage, and, most challenging of all, find ways of creating renewable energy that are consistent with the beauty of the architecture.

In the face of the current pandemic, it is easy to lose sight of all the other concerns. Coronavirus has forced us to think about what we are willing to give up for the survival of friends, family and our health service. It is an opportunity to think seriously about our priorities. Climate change is a slower enemy, but potentially even more serious. The Cathedral wants to play its part in ensuring that our children and grandchildren are safe.

The Reverend Mary Bide, Priest Vicar