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Festal Eucharist: St Joseph

Monday 19th March

17:15 - 18:15

Choral Evensong is held in the Quire of Wells Cathedral and is sung by the Wells Cathedral Choir during term time. Today's Festal Eucharist is dedicated to St Joseph with music from Alain Lamento, JA 14, Martin Messe pour double chœur a cappella, David Demessieux Ubi Caritas (Ricercare), Duruflé Scherzo, Op. 2.
Frank Martin (1890-1974) was a meticulous composer, who chose to withhold his music from the ears of the public until he was satisfied he had developed a distinctive style. As a result, his is one of the most individual voices in twentieth-century choral music, and of his earlier works, none is as musically assured and distinctive as the Mass for double choir (1922).
The Mass is a work of deep emotion, and undoubtedly one of Martin’s finest creations. It is so sincerely felt that the composer kept it hidden in a drawer for forty years, only allowing it to be performed following much persuasion. At the time of the premiere of the piece, Martin wrote, “I did not want it to be performed…I considered it…as being a matter between God and myself.” From the sinuous alto melody that begins the Kyrie, through the evermore urgent and beseeching Sanctus, to the moving conclusion of the AngusDei, Martin’s Mass is a mesmerising work of uncompromising beauty.   This service is open to the public and all are welcome.

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