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Matins sung by Church of the Ascension, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Sunday 15th July

11:30 - 12:30

Description:This service of Choral Matins takes place in the Quire of Wells Cathedral and during term time is sung by the Wells Cathedral Choir. All welcome. Church of the Ascension has a long tradition of beauty and excellence in worship, enhanced greatly by the work of the Ascension Choir. The choir consists of both volunteers and paid professionals, who offer the musical talents given by God to His glory in worship. In addition to music for Sunday mornings, the choir offers music for all major liturgical services, All Saints’ Sunday, and various concerts throughout the year. Wells Cathedral is the second UK residency for the Choir. They were at Salisbury Cathedral in 2014, and the Choir is blessed by the opportunity to share Church of the Ascension, Montgomery, Alabama, with the world.

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