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Family Activity Workshop - Masons' Marks trail & soap carving activity

Wednesday 25th October

10:30 - 12:00

Description:Join us to follow our masons’ marks Treasure Hunt and enjoy soap carving activities during our October half term 'have a go' family workshops in the Undercroft! Mason marks are a series of symbols that, for the past 4,000 years, have been used by designers and builders to inscribe patterns on stones to help illiterate masons to carry out their orders and know which materials fitted where. A treasure hunt in the style of a bingo card will be available during your visit; can you find all the masons’ marks around the cathedral? Our creative workshops are always popular and the chemical free soap for today's workshop is made by a local craftsman; the particular blend was created to produce a soap which has the colour and texture resembling the locally quarried Doulting stone which was used to build the cathedral. And the best thing of all? You get to keep your soap as a souvenir. of your visit! Two sessions are offered, the first between 10.30am-12noon and the second at 2-3.30pm. No need to book, donations welcome!

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