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Mother & Child Photography Exhibition - Send A Cow

Monday 20th November - Tuesday 21st November

All day

Description:Mother & Child Photography Exhibition, Wells Cathedral 18 -25 November Visit this stunning exhibition of photographs taken from Send a Cow’s work in Kenya by Swedish photographer, Fredrik Lerneryd. The photographs showcase the success of two extraordinary women in rural Kenya who have overcome enormous hardship to ensure their children get the best possible start in life. This exhibition seeks to shine a light on the achievements of women in rural Kenya and provide an insight into their everyday lives. The women featured have been working with the Bath-based charity, Send a Cow, receiving training in farming, business skills and gender equality. They are now living well off their land and are able to give their children the opportunities and the childhood they never had. Women like Ruth and Beatrice, featured in this exhibition, are living proof that poverty and hunger in Africa are not inevitable. With the right support and training, families can create better lives and become self-sufficient, living healthily and happily off their land. Send a Cow has launched their biggest ever appeal so that many more mothers can be given the opportunity to transform their lives and those of their children. About Send a Cow In 1988, a group of West Country dairy farmers flew their cows on planes to help farmers in Uganda who were recovering from a brutal civil war. The charity Send a Cow was born. Send a Cow has stayed true to its farming roots, offering African families practical support. Working with families for up to five years, Send a Cow provides comprehensive training in farming, business skills, gender equality and hygiene. The charity enables families to grow enough food to eat and sell, send their children to school and invest in their future. Almost 30 years on, Send a Cow has helped over 1.3 million people to transform lives.

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