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Modern Slavery 'A CURSE IN OUR AGE' with The Right Revd Dr Alastair Redfern (Lead Bishop on Modern Slavery) - "The National Picture"

Wednesday 18th October

15:00 - 16:00

Description:Modern slavery is one of the scandalous ills of today’s society. Efforts to combat it are a great work, drawing together many people of good will. The Church of England is closely involved with this endeavour and Wells Cathedral will be hosting two public events, in partnership with the Diocese of Bath and Wells and The Clewer Initiative, looking at this important issue: The first event is on Wednesday 18 October (3.00 - 4.00pm) and includes tea and briefing with The Right Revd Dr Alastair Redfern (Lead Bishop on Modern Slavery) who will be exploring "The National Picture" in the Quire of the Cathedral. The previous day the Church of England will have launched the Clewer Initiative, a key project in this area, so our briefing will be timely. Our second event will be held on Wednesday 15 November (2-4.00pm) when a variety of speakers will provide us with opportunities to discuss the challenges at a local level - "The Local Picture". Please come to find out more. No need to book for these free events but donations are welcome.

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