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Tuesday 30th January

19:00 - 20:30

Description:Each year, in early January, the chairs are removed from the Nave of Wells Cathedral. This allows the congregation and visitors to appreciate the medieval Nave in its original state – without furniture. During the concerts, the audience can walk around and enjoy not just the space in the Nave, but also the Quire, transepts and side chapels. Some choose to wander the building, whereas others will find a special and unique place to sit where they can enjoy the performance. Back by popular demand, a replay of the 2017 “Minimalists and Mystics” programme including:Arvo Pärt Sarah was ninety years old; Arvo Pärt Annum per annum; Howard Skempton O Life!; Howard Skempton Upon my lap the sovereign sits; Arvo Pärt My heart’s in the highlands. Ali Darragh (soprano), Iain MacLeod Jones (tenor), Daniel Watt (percussion, courtesy of Wells Cathedral School), Matthew Owens (organ). Tickets: £8.00; available from Wells Cathedral Shop Box Office, and at the door. In aid of Wells Cathedral Music. A number of Promenade Concerts take place in January, please visit the What's On pages of this website for full details.

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