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Festal Evensong: Feast of St Matthew, with One Day One Choir for International Day of Peace

Friday 21st September

17:15 - 18:15

Description:Today we join in with One Day One Choir, a global choral project for peace which we’d love you to be part of. One Day One Choir is an inspiring global peace initiative which uses the harmonious power of singing together to unite people around the world on Peace Day, September 21st. Since it began in 2014 – as a response to growing unrest and conflict in the world – more than a million people, from all walks of life and a huge array of different singing groups, have joined in and sung in more than 50 countries. At Wells Cathedral all are invited to join in this service, which sees visiting choirs joining in the congregation and raising their voices. If you are a choir that would like to take part please email uk. or just come and join the congregation in the Nave! Spread the word, sing up and sing with us on World Peace Day – September 21st #onedayonechoir

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