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Eeles Family Pottery Exhibition

Saturday 9th June - Sunday 10th June

All day

Description:Talented and popular Eeles Family potters return to Wells Cathedral to exhibit a selection of their pieces in the South Cloister from Saturday 9 June to Saturday 23 June. Their pottery is set in an old 17th century coaching inn where the family work in partnership to produce an extensive range of pottery, mainly Stoneware with some Porcelain and Raku. The Stoneware and Porcelain is fired in a three chambered oriental type dragon kiln. The Raku is fired in a small cross draft wood fired kiln, lifted out with tongs and then flamed on sawdust. This gives the rainbow colours on the pots. The Raku is fired to 1000 degrees, the Stoneware and Porcelain to 1280 degrees centigrade.

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