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Stations of the Cross

Friday 22nd March

12:05 - 12:35


It is the custom here in Lent to meet each Friday at 12:00 noon in the Nave in order to ‘walk the way of the Cross’ following the Stations of the Cross placed around the walls of the Nave. It is a  moving devotion to look at each Station painted beautifully by the Bulgarian artist Silvia Dimitrova in the style of an Orthodox icon. A short reading and prayer is used at each Station. This year we shall be joined by Fr. Philip  Thomas from the Church of St. Joseph and St. Teresa in Wells together with members of that congregation, so it will be good to add this ecumenical dimension to the keeping of Lent. Each week will be led by a member of the Cathedral clergy and Fr. Philip. The service lasts about 30 minutes. Do come along if you have not experienced this way of praying before. 

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