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Friends Day

Saturday 9th June

11:00 - 17:00

Description:Today is the annual gathering of those who are members of the Cathedral’s Friends association. They will come from near and far to share in the annual general meeting and social activities. These gatherings have happened for many years and give physical form to a network of Friends which stretches around the globe. 

New Friends are always welcome!!

For members, the day includes lunch in the East Cloister, talks by the Dean and a guest speaker, the AGM in the Lady Chapel, tea in the East Cloister, and a special Evensong commemorating Bishop Thomas Ken, one of the greatest of the Bishops of Bath and Wells. 

This year the guest speaker is Lord (Patrick) Cormack. Lord Cormack has been an assiduous supporter of cathedrals in Parliament, and a significant influence on the government when it granted monies to cathedrals through the World War One fund. 

Invitations are going out to Friends before too long; so here is a spur to join up if you haven’t yet done so! Forms are in the North Transept of the Cathedral or you can join online.

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