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Choral Evensong (Christian Aid Week)

Sunday 12th May

15:00 - 16:00

Description:There will be an ecumenical launch for Christian Aid Week in the Wells area here at Wells Cathedral today during Evensong. The speaker is the Revd Dr Susan Durber, (Theology Coordinator for Christian Aid and Minister of the URC Church in Taunton) and the Cathedral’s fundraising campaign for Christian Aid will also be launched at the service. After Evensong refreshments will be available, during which Smartie tubes will be handed out for people to empty and then refill with £1 coins over the period of the next 36 weeks (each tube holds 36 coins!). When the tubes are returned on 19th January for the close of the project we hope to have raised £5,000 which will be donated to work with Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Iraq, and this amount will be matched 6:1 by ‘Bread for the World’. All welcome to this service and all other Christian Aid events taking place across Wells during the week.

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