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The Association of Cathedral Clerk of the Works AGM & Conference

Friday 28th September

09:00 - 16:00

Description:Today we are delighted to host the AGM and conference for the Association of Cathedral Clerk of the Works. Welcome all to this jewel of the South West! The Association of Cathedral Clerk of the Works was formed to provide mutual support and encouragement and as a central information point for Cathedral Clerk of the Works/ Works Managers, to be supportive to all cathedrals by giving aid/help/information not necessarily available to them and to consider, debate and make recommendations on any matter affecting the fabric of cathedrals, if thought fit or if so requested by the Association of English Cathedrals. Having been established for over 25 years, the Association membership includes directly employed Cathedral Clerk of the Works, and their Assistants/ Deputies, any person contracted in to act as a Clerk of the Works and Associated members (retired Clerk of the Works). Each year, the Association Annual General Meeting is hosted by a different Cathedral from within the Association, and this year the AGM is to be held at Wells Cathedral on the 27th and 28th September 2018, with thanks to Ecclesiastical Insurance Group for sponsoring part of the event.

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