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‘Wake Up Wells’ Community Day

Saturday 26th January

10:00 - 16:00

Description:Wells Community Day in Wells Cathedral and Wells Museum from 10am-4pm followed by a Lantern Procession at 6pm starting from the Recreation Ground. Inside the Cathedral will be a huge community 'fresher's fair' where you can find out about local volunteer organisations; groups and activities. Somerset Film are organising a soundscape, imagining what the city of Wells might be like in the future, which will be held in the Lady Chapel. ‘Dreaming of a Future City’ is a sound artwork that will come to life in the Lady Chapel of Wells Cathedral on ‘Wake Up Wells’ community day. Place yourself within a circle of speakers, close your eyes and immerse yourself in a soundscape that mixes: the sounds of the city, the crying of the Town Crier and the voices of different generations of local people. Performances will take place in the Sanctuary under the scissor arches by local choirs, musicians, dance and theatre groups. There will be fun workshops for all the family and a Speakers Corner. Come along and get involved!

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