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Lunchtime Concert Capella Vocale Iffeldorf

Friday 14th June

13:05 - 13:45

Description:capella vocale Iffeldorf. Anne Voit-Isenberg (conductor). LUMEN DE LUMINE. William Byrd - Missa a 4, O lux beata trinitas, Christe qui lux es et dies. Christoph Garbe - LUX. Ferdinando di Lasso - Quemadmodum desiderat. Orlando di Lasso - Tui sunt caeli. The capella vocale Iffeldorf is a chamber choir with 12 very active members from the little village Iffeldorf and two other towns nearby. Every year there are three to four concerts with sacred or secular content. The ensemble prefers to sing compositions of the baroque and renaissance era, but realize as well the sound of the German romantic. For the week after easter we prepare f. e. CHRISTE QUI LUX ES ET DIES from William Byrd and Robert White, LUX from Christoph Garbe and other compositions which remember at the time of Lent and the Holy week. Following the way out of the suffering and death of Jesus into the bright and enlighted world after Easter. Anne Voit-Isenberg is the head of the 12 singer ensemble since 2015. She studied Ancient music in Cologne, Amsterdam and the Hague with Hugo Ruf and Bob van Asperen and studied in Cologne orchestra and choir conducting. She acted as a repetiteur at the Stuttgart opera, specialised in the work of Henry Purcell and George Friedrich Händel with Nicholas Kok and Alan Hacker.

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