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Wells Theatre Festival: Austen Sisters

Saturday 13th July

18:30 - 19:40

Description:Part of the Wells Theatre Festival: 'Austen Sisters’ is a first time collaboration between sisters Susannah (Jane Bennet, BBC’s Pride and Prejudice) and Nelly Harker, joined on stage by actor Jack Finch. Jane Austen is 33, unmarried, unpublished, and dependent on the generosity of male relatives when she receives a letter from a certain Mr Crosby. She knows that this letter could change not only the course of her own life but also that of her dearest sister and companion Cassandra. However, with a leak in the ceiling and the constant threat of an unwelcome suitor, she cannot find the peace necessary to open it. ‘Austen Sisters’ explores the lives of Jane and Cassandra at a time when their unwillingness to compromise on love meant they risked everything.

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