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WAC - The Magic of Demystifying Art Forum with Robin Sewell

Saturday 3rd August

14:00 - 16:00

Description:Robin will lead groups through the Wells Art Contemporary exhibition which the Cathedral is hosting and hopes to enrich the viewing experience by discussing art works that participants respond to and enjoy, as well as the one ones they find more difficult. Robin says “They are designed to open and develop a connection to art that you probably did not know you had. The group will enrich your viewing experience as we move through this exciting Contemporary Fine Art Show with thoughtful yet playful discussion. Come along and enjoy.” There will be 6 group sessions each lasting 2 hours (12 persons maximum in each group) on: Tuesday July 23rd Saturday August 3rd Tuesday August 6th Each morning and afternoon at 10am and 2pm. £10 per ticket available via the Shop Box Office and online.

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