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Children’s Festival

Saturday 18th January

10:30 - 15:00

Description:Our annual Children's Festival is a fun day for4 to 11 year olds with lots of activities taking place all over the cathedral.This year's theme is 'Running the Race' and the 2020 Olympics. The day is aimedat families and groups (uniformed groups, home school groups and churchgroups).

The day starts with an opening welcome from a cathedral canon and worship,followed by a carousel of activities:

* Inflatable Assault Course * Mini-Olympics * Stories * Get Sported inclusive workshop * Crafts * Christian Aid workshop

The day ends with worship and live music from a youthband and a closing blessing with Bishop Peter.

Places need to be pre-booked. If you are coming as agroup then please book your tickets together to ensure you are in the sameactivity groups. Please advise us of any special requirements so wecan make the day as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Tickets available from Eventbriteat £2 per person including VAT using the link below

For further information email: uk." id="ow722" __is_owner="true">uk.

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