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Climate Change – Can WE change?

Monday 18th November

14:00 - 16:00

Description: Climate change used to be a matter of dispute, but the evidence that has accumulated is so weighty that now no one can reasonably deny that it is happening. Likewise, the evidence that humans are responsible for global warming and the degradation of the environment is so persuasive that few people can dismiss it. We know that we all share responsibility, and that it is up to us to reverse the process. The question is How? What can we as individuals do? This afternoon conference (2 - 4pm) will take place in the Nave of Wells Cathedral. It will be chaired by Bishop Ruth Worsley of Taunton and will bring together three recognised experts on climate change - Robert Varley, Dr Andy Parsons and Caroline Pomeroy. They will each speak about aspects of the problem, and will answer questions, large and small. They will prepare the way for us to come to decisions about what changes we can make in our day to day activities to begin to repair the fragile balance of our environment. All are welcome. Speaker biographies: Robert Varley – chartered meteorologist and former Chief Executive of the Met Office and former First Vice President of the World Meteorological Organisation. Dr Andy Parsons – has researched the effects of climate change on polar ecosystems, working in both the Arctic and Antarctic to see first-hand some of the effects of human activity. He is a member of Green peace. Caroline Pomeroy – Director of Climate Stewards, a Christian Initiative that helps people to offset unavoidable carbon emissions by supporting community forestry, water filter and cookstove projects in Uganda, Mexico and Ghana. All are welcome.

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