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Promenade Concert: Opus Anglicanum - Gregorian Chant Reinvented (ft. Jason Rebello))

Friday 24th January

19:00 - 20:00

Description:The immersive sounds of ancient Gregorian chant are the centrepiece of this remarkable new collaboration between Opus Anglicanum and pianist extraordinaire Jason Rebello. A seamless interweaving of meditative plainchant, solo piano, and the combination of the two, this special event blurs the boundaries between classical music and improvisation, creating an atmosphere which is both calming and spiritual. You are free to wander the nave during the performance. Tickets: £20; available using the link below, via the Wells Cathedral Shop Box Office (01749 672773) and at the door. The Promenade Concerts are performances of glorious music during which the audience is encouraged to move through the open space of Wells Cathedral, cleared of all chairs, and experience the sound worlds of this extraordinary building.

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