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Christus natus est: Tallis Voices Promenade Concert

Friday 14th January

19:00 - 20:30

Each year, in early January, the chairs are removed from the Nave of Wells Cathedral. This allows the congregation and visitors to appreciate the medieval Nave in its original state – without furniture. During the annual Promenade Concerts, the audience can therefore walk around and enjoy not just the space in the Nave, but also the Quire, transepts and side chapels. Some choose to wander the building, whereas others will find a special and unique place to sit where they can enjoy the performance. The programme is Renaissance music celebrating the birth of Christ. All proceeds from this concert are in aid of Wells Cathedral Chorister Trust.

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As per the latest COVID-19 restrictions, as issued by the Government, all visitors to the Cathedral are now required to wear a mask in order to keep everyone safe. Thank you.