Welcome Message from the Dean

Most people are looking for light, for some illumination. Life can at times feel rather grey, even dark. In times past religion offered illumination. In this generation people have seen the negatives and the faults of religion. And yet many people in this apparently secular world can’t quite do without the inspiration, illumination and light which religion, at its best, can bring. So, they touch base with the church on an occasional basis – and Christmas is one of those times when people turn out in huge numbers. The Cathedral always has open doors, and through those doors at Christmas come so many of God’s people.

You will be very welcome. Candles will be lit; music will have been prepared; orders of service have been drafted and checked; the bells are ready to ring. Christ is to be born, the one who brings light to the world, grey or in darkness. You will be very welcome.

The Very Revd Dr John Davies DL, Dean of Wells