Lent is a season of self-examination and penitence leading to Holy Week and Easter. Throughout this season the emphasis is on a deep truthfulness.

It begins on Ash Wednesday with a communion service in which we acknowledge both the alienation and divisions of our lives and our world, and also our mortality. We are reminded of the death we must all face and the need to ‘repent of our sins and turn to Christ’. The symbol used is a mark of ash on the forehead before communion is received. During Lent, colourful Icons, painted in the Orthodox style, depicting the last journey of Jesus out of the city of Jerusalem to the hill of Golgotha are placed around the nave, and each Friday at noon, as a way of preparation for Holy Week, people are invited to walk ‘the way of the cross’ following a led meditation on these striking images.

The Stations of the Cross service lasts approximately 30 minutes, or you can take the journey on your own with the aid of the self-guided information sheet.