Becoming an Eco Church

Becoming an Eco Church

On this page you will find resources to help you live a more eco-friendly life, and while some changes are easier to make than others, all changes make a difference. This page also contains information about what Wells Cathedral is doing to become an Eco Church, having recently achieved the Silver Eco Church Award.

As a Cathedral we are committed to becoming carbon neutral and environmentally friendly. The Earth is not ours to plunder or despoil, and we have a duty to care for all the plants and animals that live alongside us. Through our careless use of fossil fuels, our agricultural methods, and our consumerism, the Earth’s  climate is changing. This is already causing the poorest nations to suffer and many species to be under threat of extinction. If we do not change, the Earth’s temperature will rise to a level which will cause mass extinctions and food and water shortages. Care for creation is central to Christian mission, therefore each one of us has to do whatever is in our power to reduce our carbon footprint and promote the health of the planet.

Over the past year we have looked at all areas of Cathedral life including our energy usage, the products we use and how the outside areas could be used to promote biodiversity. There is a great deal still to do, we have now been awarded a Silver Eco Church Award from A Rocha but our aim has to be Gold! We have been engaging with local environmental groups such as the Somerset Wildlife Trust and encouraging the congregation and visitors to the Cathedral to become aware how they can make a difference.

60 steps towards being green:

As Christians we believe that we have been given the responsibility of caring for this earth, of protecting the poor and vulnerable and or working for justice. Faced with a problem as huge as climate change it is tempting to believe that there is nothing we can do, but our faith teaches us to have a dynamic active hope.  If each of us makes some simple changes it will make a difference. So here are a few ways in which we can all help. It is not an exhaustive list, and anyone who wishes to become more involved can join organisations or lobby businesses and government, but we hope that you will find these simple suggestions a useful place to start. Please click on the photo to read the 60 steps.

Mary Bide, Priest Vicar

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