Heads of Department


Below are the contact details for each department of the Cathedral.


Jackie Croft, Administrator and Chapter Clerk

Jackie Croft

Jackie is Wells Cathedral’s most senior administrative and financial officer charged with advising the Chapter and coordinating Cathedral operations.

Tel: 01749 832 218

Email: administrator@wellscathedral.org.uk

Administrator and Chapter Clerk


Debbie Jones

Debbie is PA to the Administrator and Chapter Clerk, Jackie Croft, and oversees the Cathedral diary.

Tel: 01749 832 215

Email: debbie.jones@wellscathedral.org.uk

PA to the Administrator and Chapter Clerk


Jez Fry - Clerk of the works

Jez Fry

Jez Fry is Clerk of the Works, and oversees the Yard Team.

Tel: 01749 832 200

Email: jez.fry@wellscathedral.org.uk

Clerk of the Works


Ruth Clacee-Rowe

Ruth oversees the Cathedral volunteers as well as coordinating the Cathedral diary.

Tel: 01749 832 217

Email: ruth.clacee-rowe@wellscathedral.org.uk

Volunteer Services & Compliance


Nicky McClean, Finance Manager

Nicky McClean

Nicky McClean is the Finance Manager of Wells Cathedral.

Tel: 01749 832 219

Email: financialcontroller@wellscathedral.org.uk

Finance Manager


Jeremy Cole

Jeremy Cole is the Director of Music at Wells Cathedral.

Click here to view Jeremy’s full biography.

Tel: 01749 832 204

Email: musicoffice@wellscathedral.org.uk

Director of Music


Melanie Lawlor, PA to the Director of Music

Melanie Lawlor

Melanie is the Music Department Co-ordinator, and is responsible for the administration of the Music Foundation and visiting choirs.

Tel: 01749 832 204

Email: musicoffice@wellscathedral.org.uk

Music Department Co-ordinator


Simon Rose

Simon Rose is the Head Virger of Wells Cathedral.

Tel: 01749 832 206

Email: virgers@wellscathedral.org.uk

Head Virger


Jonathan Sawyer, Development Director

Jonathan Sawyer

Jonathan Sawyer is the Development Director of Wells Cathedral.

Tel: 01749 214 861

Email: jonathan.sawyer@wellscathedral.org.uk

Development Director


Vicky Eden

Vicky is PA to the Dean and Residentiary Canons, and distributes the weekly Chapter Letter.

Tel: 01749 832 216

Email: deanchaptersec@wellscathedral.org.uk

PA to the Dean and Residentiary Canons


Alexia James

Alexia is the Commercial Operations Director, and has senior oversight of the Cathedral Enterprises, Visitor Services and Events

Tel: 01749 674 483

Email: alexia.james@wellscathedral.org.uk

Commercial Operations Director


Darren Brown

Darren is the Visitor Services Co-ordinator, and is responsible for group bookings tours, and other visitor enquiries

Tel: 01749 671663

Email: visits@wellscathedral.org.uk

Visitor Services Co-ordinator


Emily Risdon

Emily Risdon

Emily Risdon is the Events & Marketing Officer of Wells Cathedral.

Tel: 01749 832 207

Email: events@wellscathedral.org.uk

Events & Marketing Officer


Matthew Minter - Events Manager

Matthew Minter

Matthew Minter is the Business Development & Artistic Manager of Wells Cathedral.

Tel. 07747 214 857

Email: busdvept@wellscathedral.org.uk

Business Development & Artistic Manager


David Bevan

David is the Digital Services and Marketing Officer

Tel: 01749 832 202

Email: marketing@wellscathedral.org.uk

Digital Services & Marketing Officer


Jessica Witchell - Education Officer

Jessica Witchell

Tel: 01749 674 483

Email: education@wellscathedral.org.uk

Education Officer


Kevin Spears

Kevin Spears

Tel: 01749 674 483

Email: library@wellscathedral.org.uk



Veronica Howe, Archivist

Veronica Howe

Tel: 01749 674 483

Email: archives@wellscathedral.org.uk


Listen to our Music

Sunday 22nd May: The Cathedral will be holding a special service of Thanksgiving for the Platinum Jubilee at 3pm to which all are warmly invited. There will be restricted access to visitors from 1.30pm, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.